Academy Gates

The Academy Gates.

Academy Gates (学院のゲート Gakuin no Gēto?) is the entrance of the Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart where gate keepers, together with their Heimguarders, monitor the activity in the school premises.


The Academy Gates is a massive gate made out of stone with little eyeholes set in them.


The Academy Gates' exterior is composed of a gothic style entrance arch with a two-door ledge and brace door with a two-door wicket, a gatehouse with living quarters above it, and a tower with faceted dome roofs at each of its side. In the manga, the Academy Gates' exterior is composed of a segmental arched entrance with iron gate doors and a column at each side of the gate. The Academy's coat of arms plate with the Academy's name engraved on it is situated at the centre of the gate above the entrance arch. In the manga, it is a simple rectangular plate with the Academy's name engraved on it situated at the lower part of the gate's left column.



Facing "Cannibal Candy"Edit

Main article: Facing "Cannibal Candy" Arc

A few hours after Raishin and Yaya arrived in Liverpool, at the centre of the city centre, they stopped before the Gates of the Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart. Before entering, Raishin tested Yaya's resolve, and after confirming it, Raishin and Yaya entered the Academy.

Facing "Sword Angel"Edit

Main article: Facing "Sword Angel" Arc

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  • The Academy Gates' architectural design in the anime is based on the architectural design of the frontage of the College Chapel of King's College of Cambridge University in Cambridge in England in the United Kingdom.
  • In the Sword Angel Arc, Bronson was staying in one of the quarters of the Academy Gates.


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