Akabane Clan ((あかばね)一門 Akabane Ichimon?)




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  • The Akabane siblings, Tenzen, Raishin, and Nadeshiko, have names with the meaning "god": the first character of the Japanese kanji of Tenzen ((てんぜん) Tenzen?), Ten ((てん) Ten?), means "god" when used as a metaphor; the first character of the Japanese kanji of Raishin ((らいしん) Raishin?), Kaminari ((かみなり) Kaminari?), has a root word of Kami ((かみ) Kami?), meaning "god"; and the meaning of the whole name of Nadeshiko ((なでしこ) Nadeshiko?), "dianthus", has a root word of dios, meaning "god", that may be related to Tenzen and Raishin being candidates foreseen by Father Time and to Nadeshiko of her body being used by Tenzen to create "god".


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