The Cafeteria with the reflection of the Central Auditorium.

Cafeteria (食堂 Shokudō?) is the Academy's lunchroom located in front of the Central Auditorium along Main Street.


The Cafeteria is a modern building made out of steel reinforced concrete.


The Cafeteria's exterior is composed of two overlapping segmented cast-iron and plate glass domes, cast-iron and plate glass walls, brick wall base, and two two-door georgian doors in front.


The Cafeteria's interior is bright and spacious and is composed of a high barrel vault ceiling, hanging plants hanged at its ceiling, columns that support its dome roof, various shrubs and small trees lined correspondingly to the dome's shape, and modern designed white round tables and chairs that are lined up in rows, making it look hygienic and clean.

Service SystemEdit

The Cafeteria is a self-service dining hall. Huge quantities of food cooked from its kitchen are served, lined out in a row, at a counter by a wall directly outside the kitchen. The counter is filled with an assortment of dishes such as; meat dishes, fish dishes, salads, and a selection of breads, and with next to it are stacked up trays, large plates, and metal cutlery. Students line up, load their plates with food, and then pay for it at the end of the line at the cash register.


Facing "Cannibal Candy"Edit

Main article: Facing "Cannibal Candy" Arc

Four days after Raishin and Yaya arrived in Liverpool and entered the Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart, during a lunch break, Raishin, along with Yaya, nonchalantly coercively dined together with Charlotte and Sigmund. As Raishin and Charlotte were having a teasing exchange, Raishin suddenly noticed Magnus. He then burst out of the Cafeteria to engage him. After Raishin gave Magnus the small bottle, Magnus left. Raishin was then invited by Felix for a talk, and he and Felix headed into the Cafeteria. Felix requested Raishin to work with him, offering him an Entry as a deal.

Facing "Sword Angel"Edit

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Facing "Elf Speeder"Edit

Main article: Facing "Elf Speeder" Arc

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Scene DifferentiationEdit

  • Raishin had Yaya break the Cafeteria's glass wall to burst out of it and engage Magnus in the anime instead of him just bursting out of the Cafeteria's doors to engage Magnus in the light novel and in the manga.


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