Raishin AkabaneEdit

Charlotte was initially hostile towards Raishin as she is with everyone else. She became interested with him due to him aiding her with her battle against the Ten Benchwarmers even though he himself challenged her into a battle and tried taking her Entry to the Night Party, but nevertheless is obstinately obdurate in defeating him in the Night Party for her dream. Charlotte is often irritated with Raishin and mocks him of insults, calling him an idiot and or a pervert, and becomes even more whenever he teasingly retorts back at her, which often to a point, results for her to command Sigmund to attack him, or he tells her up-front her true thoughts and feelings. She, whenever she becomes embarrassed while Raishin is present, will shift the blame of her embarrassment to him and smack him.


Charlotte's automaton. She treats Sigmund as a part of her family and is like a guardian to her. She becomes irritated with him and threatens him of degrading his meal in an effort to deny the facts that he observes about her that he argues with her that she would not like to acknowledge.




Charlotte is always deluded by Yaya's vulgar, perverted remarks about Raishin or on what kind of relationship she has with him.


Felix KingsfortEdit

Charlotte's past personality underwent a vicissitude since she met Felix. She is in love with him, often hiding from him the unpleasant sides of her personality and becoming conscious of herself and flustering whenever he is present.

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