Elder Sister

Elder Sister M

Personal Information
Name (Japanese)

Name (Romaji) Ane

Gender Female

Classification Human

Family Younger Sister (Younger Sister)
Voice Actor Saori Oonishi

Light Novel Volume 1

Manga Chapter 1

Anime Episode 1

Elder Sister ( Ane?) is an unnamed character of the Unbreakable Machine-Doll series. She, together with her younger sister, was a passenger on the train that Raishin Akabane and Yaya were boarding that was bounded for Liverpool.


Elder Sister is a young girl who has a fair complexion, a slender body, and a short height. She has short straight brown hair extending to her cheeks, with bangs and curled tips, and has brown eyes. Elder Sister wears a green hat on top of her head, with a white ribbon tied into a flower-like design over two yellow feathers at its right side part, a tailor-made blue collared green coat over a cream-white turtle-neck top and a long white trumpet skirt, an aqua ribbon belt strapped around her waist, grey stockings and a pair of pointed blue shoes, with a white pompon over an aqua ribbon at each of its centre, and carries a brown purse.

In the manga, Elder Sister is a young woman who has a slender body and an average height. She has short straight layered hair extending to her neck, with bangs. Elder Sister wears a tailored high collared long sleeved plain shirtwaist blouse, with a ribbon tied at its collar, a belt strapped around her waist, and a long houndstooth designed walking trumpet skirt.


Elder Sister is an inquisitive person who is intellectually curious about her surroundings. She is a protective sister who always ensures the safety of her younger sister's well-being.


Facing "Cannibal Candy"Edit

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Elder Sister About To Slap Raishin

Elder Sister about to slap Raishin in the anime.

Elder Sister, together with Younger Sister, was inside the train that had departed from London and was bounded for Liverpool. The train finally arrived in Lime Street Station but passed through on without a hint of stopping as its brakes were not working. Elder Sister then comforted Younger Sister when Raishin noticed them as he made his way through the carriage. He assured Younger Sister and then exited through a window as Yaya followed after. Raishin and Yaya stopped the train and after went back into the carriage. Elder Sister and Younger Sister then approached Raishin. Elder Sister asked him if he was a mage, but Raishin dissented and replied that he was a puppeteer. Elder Sister then surmised that Yaya was then his automaton, and Yaya assented, but remarked a perverted line. Elder Sister then slapped Raishin, and hugging Younger Sister, ran away.


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