Euston Station

Euston Station's Interior.

Euston Station (ユーストン駅 Yūsuton-eki?) is a terminal and inter-city railway station located at Euston road at the north of the city centre of London in England in the United Kingdom.



Euston Station's exterior is composed of a train shed that has a ridged pitched roof that is made with a wrought iron frame, the two-storey Great Hall and Offices that has a hip roof and brick walls, an oblong courtyard, four lodges that are in the Greek Revival style of architecture and made with portland stone lining Euston Station's front at each side of the Euston Arch, the Euston Arch; a Doric propylaeum, with Euston Station's name, EUSTON, incised on its architrave in gold, that is in the Greek Revival style of architecture and made with grit stone and has a stucco coffered ceiling, four piers, four columns and bronze gates that are made with cast iron flanked by the Victoria Hotel and the Euston Hotel; Euston Station's railway hotels.


Euston ArchEdit

Euston Arch's interior is composed of a chamber.

Great Hall and OfficesEdit

Great Hall and Offices's interior is composed of a great hall, with a basement, that is in the Italian Renaissance style of architecture and has a coffered ceiling, three doors leading to the office buildings and four red Ionic columns lining its first floor, a grand staircase leading to its basement and several benches at the center of its basement adjoined to two-storey office buildings that are composed of booking and waiting halls that have dining and refreshment rooms, the propreitors' meeting room, the board room and the conference room at each of its sides.

Train ShedEdit

Euston Station's train shed's interior is composed of a roof that is made with wrought iron, several Doric columns that are made with cast iron, with arched bressumers made with cast iron, supporting its roof, fourteen passenger platforms, one parcels platform, several railway tracks and two cast iron gates.


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