Facing "Cannibal Candy" Arc
Facing Cannibal Candy Arc

The unquenchable hunger of the gluttonous cannibal.

Date Started Day of Raishin's arrival at Liverpool

Date Ended Unknown weeks after Raishin's arrival before the Night Party

Location Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart
Media Duration
Light Novel Volumes
Manga Chapters
Anime Episodes
Light Novel Chronology
Facing "Shadow Moon" Arc ←Facing "Cannibal Candy" Arc→ Facing "Sword Angel" Arc
Manga Chronology
N/A ←Facing "Cannibal Candy" Arc→ Facing "Sword Angel" Arc
Anime Chronology
N/A ←Facing "Cannibal Candy" Arc→ Facing "Sword Angel" Arc

The Facing "Cannibal Candy" Arc is the first major story arc introduced in the Unbreakable Machine-Doll series. The arc begins with the introduction of the series' main characters; Raishin Akabane, a puppeteer, and Yaya, his automaton. From Japan, Raishin Akabane, along with Yaya, travelled to Liverpool in United Kingdom to enter the Royal Academy of Machinart, Walpurgis, and join the Night Party to mainly spy on the latest Machinart developed by major world powers for the Japanese Army, but in actuality, to exact revenge.



Since the beginning of the Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart's recent academic term, the number of cases of missing people in the Academy sharply increased, and with it, the addition of cases of discovered destroyed automata. The Disciplinary Committee assumed that the victims were attacked, and therefore in the recent past few months, had been hunting the culprit together with the help of the Academy's security but to no avail, making the case become somewhat an urban legend in the town.


Machine City

Inside a train, in one of the 2nd class passenger carriages, that had departed from London and was now bounded for Liverpool, Yaya whispered incantations of enchantment into Raishin who was asleep. Suddenly, Yaya stops as Raishin shoots her a sharp glare and asks her what she was doing close to his ear. Yaya answers that she was just reciting a charm to make him fall in love with her. Raishin retorts back that he feels like she was trying to corrupt him, but she ignores him and calmly points out the window that they are already inside Machine City.

Yaya having Her Usual Banter with Raishin

Yaya having her usual banter with Raishin.

Raishin sighs that it was about time they have finally reached as they have been travelling for half a day from London. Flirtingly pressing herself against Raishin, Yaya expressed her pipe dream phantasy of having many sleepless nights with him. Raishin replies contradictively that he will be sleeping and warns her that if she will do anything funny, he will kick her out of the room. He reinstates that they are not there on a vacation and reminds her that the city they are in is the city where the Wiseman’s Night Party will begin. Raishin then tells Yaya that he will be counting on her. Yaya assured him that if it is for him, she will be willing to go through anything; through fire, into his futon, and they continued on their playful banter.

Inconvenient Arrival

Railroad Workers Run Away after Trying to Signal the Runaway Train to Stop

Railroad workers run away after trying to signal the runaway train to stop in the anime.

Finally, the train pulled into the station, but it then passed through on, without a hint of stopping. The passengers became restless. The dire faced train conductor then burst through the door and called the passengers' attention to calm down and listen to him as he announced that the train's brakes are not working. The passengers were aghast and went into a panicked frenzy. The train conductor tried calming the passengers down, but nobody paid attention to him. The train then began to shudder and at that moment Raishin commanded the passengers to return to their seats. Raishin and Yaya’s presence overwhelmed the passengers, so they returned quietly. Raishin ordered the train conductor to inform and warn the rest of the carriages as well. He then made his way through the carriage when he noticed a young girl hugging her frightened little sister who was curled up into a ball. Raishin placed his hand on the latter’s head and assured her that he will take care of everything. He then took off his coat and nimbly exited through a window, making his way to the top of the carriage as Yaya followed shortly after. Raishin and Yaya swiftly ran in the form of acrobatics to the front of the train. Raishin then used Shinkan Shijuuhachishou on Yaya. Yaya thrust forward from the train's nose with a backlash that was so tremendous that it caused the train to sharply decelerate and sped through the air like a bullet, landing a considerable distance in front of the train. Raishin then transmitted magic energy into Yaya.

Raishin and Yaya Stopping the Runaway Train

Raishin and Yaya stopping the runaway train.

Then, the train crashed on her, with an impact that was so strong that the front of the train was dented in and the carriages behind propelled forward, colliding with each other in succession. Yaya was driven back about fifty metres, but she remained unharmed. After the train had halted, Raishin leapt down onto the tracks and praised her. He then went back into their carriage and took his trunk when the sisters from earlier approached him. The younger sister timidly returned to Raishin his coat and then the elder sister shyly asked him if he was a mage. Raishin replied that he was not a mage but a puppeteer. Surprised, the elder sister surmised that Yaya was then his automaton. Yaya, upset and jealous at the girl, interjectingly remarked that she is Raishin’s “personal doll”; even in bed. Feeling self-conscious and embarrassed, the elder sister slapped Raishin on the face, and hugging her younger sister, ran away as fast as she could. Raishin then got angry at Yaya and scolded her for making the unnecessary remark. Hurt, Yaya was about to cry when Raishin let out a sigh to forget about it and called out to her that they had to leave as it will be a hassle to deal with the police once they arrive.

The Royal Academy of Machinart

Raishin and Yaya Enter the Academy

Raishin and Yaya enter the Academy.

A few hours after the train incident, at the centre of the city centre, Raishin and Yaya stopped before the entrance of the Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart. Raishin, testing Yaya’s resolve before entering, reminded her that once she enters the Academy she will not be able to leave the premises until he graduates. Without hesitating, Yaya replied with resoluteness that she only desires to be wherever he is. Raishin remarked back that she thinks too highly of him, explaining that he is only using her as a mere tool for his revenge. With a gentle smile, Yaya consoled Raishin, explaining that she was just a mere doll created by Shouko, and was just a mere tool from the day she was born that once given a purpose will start to live. Raishin tells her to keep up her strong resolve, and Raishin and Yaya enter the Academy.

Targeting the Fearsome Dragon

Raishin Taunting Charlotte into a Fight

Raishin taunting Charlotte into a battle.

During a lunch break, on Main Street, the crowd of students, frightened, suddenly started to rapidly part as they opened a path for Charlotte who was approaching. Sigmund, resting on top of Charlotte's cap, started commenting on her bad reputation, pointing out arguments and giving out examples one after another trying to convince her of a point, but Charlotte became irritated at him and threatened him to keep quiet or she will change his meal of chicken into chick peas. Sigmund did not falter and continued on, suggesting Charlotte to make friends. Charlotte then clarified that everyone in the Academy is a hindrance to the Wiseman’s throne. Charlotte and Sigmund continued on their banter until Sigmund suddenly notices and points out ahead on Raishin and Yaya who were standing amidst of the opened path awaiting Charlotte. With an arrogant smile, Raishin brazenly greeted Charlotte and then smoothly recited her profile, ending with a mocking tone, then fixed his gaze upon her glove. Charlotte then asked Raishin what he wanted from her, and Raishin gibingly answered back his aim, taunting her into a battle.

Hinted Opportunity

Kimberly Hinting Raishin Another Way to Enter the Night Party

Kimberly hinting Raishin on another way to enter the Night Party.

Two days prior, evening, in the dim hallway of the Central Auditorium, Raishin was disappointed after receiving his transfer admission test result, clenching it in his fist. Yaya tried consoling Raishin, but Raishin felt even more depressed as he felt abashed to face Shouko. Raishin’s remark miffed Yaya as she was annoyed at his frequent mention of Shouko’s name. About to cry, she strangled him on the neck, but Kimberly suddenly interposed, surprising her, thereby releasing him. Coughing violently, Raishin looked up at Kimberly who was standing in front of him as she introduced herself. She gave him some advice and then started walking away, but Raishin stopped her to consult on another way to enter the Night Party. Kimberly was surprised at how much Raishin was fixated with the Night Party, but Raishin was persistent so she hinted him of another way then finally left. Raishin reflected on what Kimberly had said, and then decided on his next course of action, announcing it to Yaya.

A Popular Prey

Sigmund Transformed into His Original Form

Sigmund transformed into his huge original form.

The crowd of students focused their attention on Raishin, making a fuss on him, after he challenged Charlotte into a battle. Charlotte and Raishin continued their teasing exchange, but Yaya, misunderstanding what they were saying, interjectingly remarked a perverted line. Raishin tried silencing Yaya, but a scowling Charlotte had already picked up what she had said, scoffing back at Raishin and then instructing Sigmund of crushing him. At that instant, Sigmund roared and then transformed into his huge original form. Raishin and Yaya were about to attack when they suddenly sensed an approaching iron ball and evaded it instead. The iron ball passed through their earlier spot and continued its trajectory, charging towards Sigmund who then used his wing to swat the iron ball away.

Sigmund Attacked Successively by the Ten Benchwarmers' Automata

Sigmund attacked successively by the Ten Benchwarmers' automata as Raishin and Yaya looks on in the anime.

An armoured knight-like automaton, a barefooted girl-like automaton, and a sextupedal beast-like automaton then dashed into the area together; the armoured knight charging first at Sigmund, and the other two automata leaping in from opposite directions to close off any escape. Carrying Charlotte on his back, Sigmund flew up into the air, smacked away the armoured knight before it even began its charge, and swept his tail on the other two automata approaching, sending them all flying. An undine-like automaton and a harpy-like automaton next flew out; the undine attacking first, launching jet spears of water straight at Sigmund. As Sigmund dodged, a Jack Frost-like automaton then approached from the side and unleashed an icy blast. Sigmund barely managed to dodge but the water on the ground from the undine’s earlier attack had frozen. The harpy next attacked from above, whipping up a fierce gale at Sigmund. Sigmund, unable to dodge this time, lost his buoyancy in the air and crashed down onto the frozen ground. A golem-like automaton then appeared and charged in at Sigmund. Sigmund, unable to gain any traction on the frozen ground, was unable to dodge the attack. The golem grabbed onto his wings, immobilizing him. The iron ball next flew through the air charging towards Sigmund, but Yaya caught it before it hit him.

Ten Benchwarmers' Leader Arguing with Raishin

Ten Benchwarmers' Leader arguing with Raishin.

As soon as Charlotte realised what had happened, she became furious at Raishin for his meddling with her fight and was about to complain to him when the leader of the group suddenly interposed, arrogantly stepping out amidst the crowd along with a morning star wielder. Now, standing on the street were the undine, the Jack Frost, the harpy, the golem, the morning star wielder, and the three earlier defeated automata that had just been revived by a white robed automaton. The leader offered Raishin a proposal, but Raishin swiftly refused. Yaya kicked the golem away, enabling Sigmund to move freely again. Raishin was explaining his plan to Charlotte when a witch-like automaton suddenly fired a fireball at his back, engulfing him with a huge blast of fire, but Yaya had covered him, both appearing from within the smoke completely unharmed. Raishin then commanded Yaya. With a blink of an eye, Yaya burst forward and planted a fierce kick on the witch’s jaw, launching her higher than the school building, shattering apart in mid-air. The crowd of students was abuzz, causing the group to be unnerved. The leader, becoming desperate, then commanded his group to attack Raishin instead. The armoured knight thrust his spear and the golem swung its huge fist, but Raishin lightly jumped away, dodging the attacks and neatly landing onto the ground. Raishin then used Kouen Juuniketsu on Yaya.

Raishin and Yaya Distracting the Ten Benchwarmers

Raishin and Yaya distracting the Ten Benchwarmers.

Yaya violently kicked the golem, causing it to crash into the armoured knight like a bullet. She then dashed into the enemy’s midst as Raishin followed closely after, picking up a piece of an earlier smashed automaton. He threw it as Yaya performed a feint for his attack to hit the opponent, causing it to lose its balance and allowing Yaya to land a devastating kick, crushing it and scattering fragments everywhere. As Raishin drew the group's attention to him, Charlotte waited for their automata to line up in a row and then had Sigmund launch Lustre Cannon. The group's automata were caught up in the blast, each being hit in different parts of their bodies. The group was defeated. They retrieved their automata and scurried away. The crowd of students was astounded. Charlotte then demanded Raishin to introduce himself, and Raishin complied. Charlotte was about to continue her fight with Raishin, but Raishin, after staring at Sigmund’s condition, turned away and declined her, telling her that they will resume it some other time. An indignant raging Charlotte could not accept Raishin’s response, but as she complained to him, Raishin threw a smoke bomb, and along with Yaya, ran off a considerable distance away from her. Sigmund flapped his wings to clear the smoke away, but Charlotte let Raishin and Yaya escape. After returning to his usual small form, Sigmund whispered to Charlotte the reason why Raishin backed away. Sigmund and Charlotte then had their usual banter as Charlotte set out for the Cafeteria, the surrounding crowd of students making way for her.


Morning Star Wielder Cannibalised

Morning Star Wielder cannibalised.

Evening, inside Raishin's room in the Tortoise Dormitory, Raishin was feeling depressed at his worn out room and was having a hard time sleeping because of his creaking bed. Yaya then creeped into Raishin's bed, but Raishin pushed her away, exclaiming at her to return to her own bed. Yaya insisted by making arguments, and Raishin allowed her on the condition that she will not do anything funny. Yaya could not accept it and started attacking Raishin. Raishin resisted her, struggling to maintain his defence all night long. One in the morning, in a grove of trees hidden from any sight behind the Technical Vocational Building, Cannibal Candy devoured messily an automaton with great gusto. The automaton’s crushed legs had been embedded by an iron ball and its torso cannibalised.

Recurrent Nightmare

Once again, Raishin found himself in his usual dream of his past that kept haunting him. The scene was ablaze and there was black smoke everywhere. Raishin called out to Nadeshiko. He was assailed with great apprehension, but he still pushed through on, running forward and bursting through the flames, deeper inside. Raishin kicked down the sliding doors and kept searching for Nadeshiko, repeatedly shouting out her name until his throat was sore. He was feeling anxious and was trying to hurry, and then suddenly, an overhead beam collapsed and at that moment he heard Nadeshiko's faint voice. Raishin called out to her once again and then headed towards a large room, yanking open its screen doors.

Chanced Encounter

Kimberly Scolding Raishin for Ignoring Her Lecture

Kimberly scolding Raishin for ignoring her lecture.

Inside a lecture hall in the Faculty of Science, amidst Kimberly’s lecture, Raishin, feeling sleepy after not having enough sleep, glanced aimlessly around the classroom. Suddenly, he became aware of Charlotte furtively stealing a glance from him, and when their eyes met, gave him a vexing glare. As Raishin pondered whether to return Charlotte’s glare, Kimberly threw a chalk at his forehead and then scolded him for impudently ignoring her lecture. She continued on her lecture, this time ending a topic with a sarcasm that was directed at Yaya who felt embarrassed. Raishin defended her, bragging that she’s the world’s greatest automaton because she was created by Shouko. Yaya was miffed at Raishin’s mention of Shouko’s name and while crying, strangled him on the neck, violently shaking him. The surrounding students burst into laughter. Kimberly then ordered Raishin and Yaya to leave the lecture hall and clean the great hall as punishment for their behaviour. It was finally lunch break, after cleaning the great hall, Raishin and Yaya headed out for the Cafeteria. Inside the Cafeteria, they fell in line to get some helpings of food. Raishin, hungry and lacking sleep, realised too late that he had to pay for the food they took. He left his wallet in his dormitory locker and was disconcerted and troubled on what to do next. Suddenly, Charlotte interjected and handed Raishin some money.

Raishin Nonchalantly Dining Together with Charlotte

Raishin nonchalantly dining together with Charlotte.

Raishin was surprised at Charlotte’s actions; however, it would be rude of him to turn down the offer, so he gratefully accepted the money. After he had paid for his and Yaya’s portions, Charlotte followed suit after and then threw on Raishin a notebook with a scribble in it that says that he had to pay with interest the money she had lent him. Raishin agreed, and as he signed the deal, he asked Sigmund how he was doing. Sigmund was a little surprised and then replied that he was fine. Raishin returned the notebook back to Charlotte and then invited her to dine together, startling her and Yaya. Charlotte refused, scoffing at Raishin, but Raishin was persistent and followed her to her table, sitting opposite her. Charlotte was dumbfounded and vexed, Yaya went into a dark silence, and Sigmund, uninterested with what was happening around him, started eating. Raishin ignored Yaya and started talking to Charlotte. Charlotte became irritated and commanded Sigmund to attack Raishin, but Sigmund refused her command and continued eating. Suddenly, she noticed that something had caught Raishin’s attention opposite the glass wall; Magnus.

A Flash of the Past

Raishin Bursting Out a Cry of Anguish and Despair upon Seeing the Dead Body of Nadeshiko

Raishin bursting out a cry of anguish and despair upon seeing the dead body of Nadeshiko.

Raishin yanked open the doors and entered the room. The blazing room had just been the setting of a fierce battle. There were large holes in its wall, its tatami flooring torn, and amidst the room were countless number of piled corpses of his relatives and their automata, crushed, broken and scattered, and blood everywhere. Raishin was dazed at the scene in an utter disbelief. Tenzen was standing amidst of the corpses and kicked away the body of their father that was at his feet. Opposite Tenzen was an altar and on top of it rested the remains of the dead body of Nadeshiko. After Raishin recognised her, he burst out a cry of anguish and despair. Tenzen responded by silently looking upon him with a cold gaze.

Marking of Vengeance

Raishin Confronting Magnus

Raishin confronting Magnus.

Magnus was crossing the street along with his two automata. Raishin called out to Yaya, and as both of them stood up, Charlotte suddenly rose as well and warned Raishin of Magnus’ overwhelming strength. Raishin was stubborn and replied that he needs to try it for himself before he understood. He nimbly left the table, burst out of the cafeteria, and then called out to Magnus. Magnus halted while his automata stepped in front of him in a protective measure. Raishin was grimaced upon seeing Hotaru excessively resemble Nadeshiko. Magnus then asked Raishin who he was. Raishin answered that he came to the Academy because of him. He was repressing his anger, but he was still filled with wrath that emanated out of his body. Magnus stared at Raishin intently and then replied that Raishin had mistaken him for someone else. Raishin apathetically answered back and continued to announce that he had something to give him, lifting his arm.

Raishin Suddenly Surrounded by Magnus' Squadron

Raishin suddenly surrounded by Magnus' Squadron.

In a split second, he was suddenly surrounded by six automata in all directions, holding their weapons against his throat. Yaya tried moving to help Raishin, but Magnus’ squadron held their blades deeper onto him in response. Raishin then clarified to Magnus that he only wanted to give him a gift, slowly reaching for a small bottle inside the pouch on his harness. Magnus commanded his squadron to withdraw. Hotaru took the bottle from Raishin and gave it to Magnus. Magnus thanked him and left along with his squadron. Yaya, while crying, ran to Raishin and apologised for not being able to do anything. Raishin trembled in fear. He realised that the only possible way that he could defeat Magnus was through the Night Party. Raishin was feeling downcast when Felix suddenly applauded him, praising his reputation, and then greeted him, smiling. He then asked him if he could have a moment with him.

Magnus headed for the Technical Vocational Building, his squadron following him in succession. As he neared the building, he suddenly stopped in front of a grove trees as Kimberly was awaiting him. Magnus’ squadron reacted to Kimberly’s presence, subtly altering their stances, but Kimberly ignored them and started casually talking with Magnus, asking him of his impression of Raishin. Magnus then gave a high opinion of him. Kimberly sarcastically replied back, but Magnus did not respond. Kimberly suddenly noticed that Magnus was holding a small bottle and then asked him what it was. Magnus replied that he cannot still determine without him properly analyzing it; however, if he were to make a guess, it would probably be ash. Kimberly was surprised. She then remembered that Magnus was a puppet craftsman and continued with a sarcastic remark, but Magnus did not respond. Kimberly then asked him why Raishin gave it to him. Magnus explained to her the reason, but Kimberly further inquired. Magnus did not reply then finally excused himself. As he made his way, Kimberly intercepted, tauntingly asking him to clarify if his automata were Banned Dolls, causing Magnus’ squadron to become hostile. Magnus answered affirmingly in an indirect manner and then finally left.

Invitation of the Devil

Felix Requesting Raishin to Work with Him

Felix requesting Raishin to work with him in the anime.

Felix asked Raishin if he could talk with him for a moment and invited him back into the Cafeteria. Raishin did not have a reason to decline and complied, but as he was not feeling any malevolence from Felix, remained cautious of him. Felix and Raishin then headed for the Cafeteria, and as they approached Charlotte’s table, Charlotte flustered and then became self conscious upon seeing Felix who greeted her. Charlotte then asked Felix if he wanted anything from her. Felix assented, teasingly asking Charlotte to have a date with him, but Charlotte flusteredly refused. Felix then revealed that Raishin was actually his intention, but Raishin remained silent as he continued to eat the meal he left earlier. After he had some mouthfuls, he asked Felix what he wanted from him. Felix requested Raishin to work with him, but Raishin swiftly refused. Felix was insistent, continuing, offering Raishin an Entry as a deal.

Obdurate Resolve

Sigmund Testing Charlotte's Resolve

Sigmund testing Charlotte's resolve.

Dusk, after the afternoon lecture had just ended, at the Faculty of Science, Raishin, together with Yaya, exited the Faculty of Science and met up with Felix. Inside one of the lecture halls in the Faculty of Science, Charlotte, with Sigmund resting on top of her cap, watched through a window the meeting, and as Raishin, together with Yaya, and Felix traversed, Felix’s figure slowly disappeared into a distance, making her feel enamored yet sad and wistful. Sigmund suddenly interposed, asking Charlotte if she’s interested with Raishin, but Charlotte misunderstood Sigmund to be referring to Felix and flusteringly defensively declined. Sigmund then clarified that he was referring to Raishin, pointed out Raishin’s character, and gave his impression of Raishin, making Charlotte realise his point. He then tested Charlotte’s resolve, and after briefly deliberating about it, Charlotte proudly declared her unyielding resolve.

Cannibal Candy Uproar Ⅰ

Raishin and Felix Discussing about Felix's Proposal

Raishin and Felix discussing about Felix's proposal.

Inside the Disciplinary Committee Chairman’s office in the Central Auditorium, Felix was about to prepare the tea when Raishin interposed and had Yaya prepare it instead. Raishin then asked Felix whose Entry he was offering him, conjecturing if it is his, but Felix dissented, explaining that he is also interested in becoming a Wiseman, making Raishin relieved that he was candid. He then explained that the Night Party Executive Committee will be sponsoring Raishin’s Entry and the Disciplinary Committee will be endorsing him to it, but regardless of the Disciplinary Committee's endorsement, it will not be able to ignore his presence once he managed the incident. Raishin asked Felix what he is requested to do, and Felix answered that he is requested to defeat Cannibal Candy, making Raishin asked back who it was. Felix then related that in the Academy there are cases of missing students every year, citing the reason for their disappearances; however, ever since the beginning of the Academy’s academic term, the number of cases peculiarly spiked with the addition of the cases of discovered destroyed automata. He explained that the Disciplinary Committee has already enlisted the help of the Academy’s security and increased their patrols and has been hunting for Cannibal Candy themselves but with no avail.

Eliza Bursting into the Disciplinary Committee Chairman's Office to Report Another Case of Devoured Automaton

Lisette bursting into the Disciplinary Committee Chairman's Office to report another case of devoured automaton.

Raishin then asked Felix why he had chosen to ask him, and Felix answered that as Raishin cannot be Cannibal Candy as he had just arrived in the Academy and that as he is strong enough to defeat it, citing his battle with the Ten Benchwarmers. Lisette suddenly burst into the Disciplinary Committee Chairman’s office and called out to Felix. Upon seeing Lisette, Raishin momentarily felt that there was something weird about her, but before he could even confirm that he was feeling it, it disappeared. Felix introduced Lisette to Raishin, and Raishin reciprocated. Felix then asked Lisette what had happened, and Lisette reported that there is another case of devoured automaton. Felix then called out to Raishin to come with him and check out the scene. At the grove of trees behind the Technical Vocational Building, a crowd of students gathered at the scene and near them was a grumpy Charlotte, with Sigmund resting on top of her cap. Raishin called out to Charlotte and Sigmund but Charlotte ignored him and faced Felix instead. Felix greeted Charlotte and commented on her usual presence at every scene, but Charlotte defensively replied back, making Felix apologise to her. Felix, together with Lisette, then entered the grove of trees, and after he left, Charlotte felt dejected, regretting that she and Felix parted on a sour note. Raishin noticed Charlotte’s attitude, making him realise that she has romantic feelings for Felix, and then teased her, making her blush. Charlotte grabbed Raishin on the neck and angrily silenced him when Felix suddenly called out to and beckoned him, making her hastily withdraw her hands.

Raishin Checking the Dead Body of the Devoured Automaton

Raishin checking the dead body of the devoured automaton.

Raishin, together with Yaya, then went towards Felix, and in the grove of trees, reflexively frowned upon seeing the dead body of the devoured automaton. The devoured automaton had a peculiarly smooth and glassy scarred cavity on its torso. Raishin reflectively recognised that the scar was similar to the scar produced by the beams of light of Sigmund. He noticed that the devoured automaton's magic circuits were gone, and Felix assented, explaining that it was Cannibal Candy’s mode of operation. Raishin then surmised that the magic circuits of the victim automata were eaten, but Felix answered that it is not confirmed yet. Raishin inquired about the devoured automaton’s identity, and Lisette answered that the Disciplinary Committee is still in the process of identifying its owner, however it might probably be Morning Star Wielder. Raishin reflectively assented as he recognised the iron ball that was embedded in the devoured automaton's crushed legs although however found it peculiar that its legs were crushed by its own weapon. He then was about to consult about it to Charlotte, but before he could, he noticed that she was indignant.

Felix Asking Raishin if He was Finally Going to Accept His Proposal

Felix asking Raishin if he was finally going to accept his proposal.

Raishin asked her what was wrong with her, but Charlotte ignored him and turned away. Raishin then grabbed Charlotte's arm to stop her, but Charlotte forced controlled Sigmund to bite Raishin to make him release her arm. After she left, Felix intervened and then asked Raishin if he was finally going to accept his proposal, but Raishin replied that he will think about it. Felix then returned back to the scene. Raishin decided to return to the Tortoise Dormitory and he, with Yaya following after him, made his way out of the scene. As he walked away, Lisette called out to him and then whispered to him that she wanted to tell him about something privately. Raishin ordered Yaya to return first to the Tortoise Dormitory and implied for her to consult Shouko about Felix’s proposal, and Yaya begrudgingly did. Lisette then lead Raishin to a deserted lecture hall.

Choices of Verisimilitude

Yaya Trying to Unzip Raishin's Pants

Yaya trying to unzip Raishin's pants.

One hour later, Raishin finally returned to the Tortoise Dormitory, and as he warily entered his room, Yaya weepingly leapt onto him and clung to his waist, trying to unzip his pants. Raishin forcefully tore Yaya away from him, making her cry, but he ignored her and then asked her if she was able to consult Shouko about Felix’s proposal. Yaya replied that she did and that Komurasaki imparted the Japanese Army’s approval. Raishin then consulted Yaya on whether he could trust Felix's proposal or not, and Yaya replied that Komurasaki imparted that the House of Kingsfort is an influential family that cannot be ignored even by the Academy. Raishin pondered on how he was then going to find Cannibal Candy when Sigmund suddenly appeared, landing on Raishin's room’s window's windowsill, and knocked on its glass. Raishin welcomed Sigmund and asked him for the reason of his visit. Sigmund answered that he wanted to apologise for biting him earlier when he was forced controlled by Charlotte and then vindicated her, relating her true character. Raishin then asked Sigmund why he related it to him, and Sigmund replied an ambiguous reason, excused himself, and then finally left.

Eliza Warning Raishin of Charlotte

Lisette warning Raishin of Charlotte in the anime.

As Raishin watched Sigmund’s figure slowly disappear into a distance, he recalled his earlier conversation with Lisette.— One hour earlier, inside a deserted lecture hall, Lisette hesitantly warned Raishin of Charlotte, explaining that the Disciplinary Committee have concluded that Cannibal Candy might be a Banned Doll, and as Charlotte's automaton is a Banned Doll, she might probably be Cannibal Candy.— Suddenly, Raishin was interrupted by Yaya’s jealous cold stare. Raishin then announced to her that they will begin hunting Cannibal Candy tomorrow. Nine in the evening, inside the Disciplinary Committee Chairman’s office in the Central Auditorium, Felix was preparing a contract when Lisette knocked on the door. Felix hailed her inside, and Lisette entered and reported that Raishin had contacted the Disciplinary Committee to inform them that he has accepted Felix’s proposal. Felix then gave Lisette the contract he had just made and asked her to give it to Raishin. He then announced his aim of defeating Cannibal Candy before the Night Party commences even to the point of using underhanded tactics. The next day, inside Raishin’s room in the Tortoise Dormitory, Raishin was suddenly awakened by the sound of a porcelain breaking. He approached where the sound came from, and at his room’s entrance, saw Yaya who had just dropped a water jug upon being surprised by Charlotte’s, with Sigmund resting on top of her cap, sudden visit. Charlotte then embarrassedly asked Raishin on a date, shocking Yaya.

Fictitious Engagement

Charlotte Asking Raishin on a Date

Charlotte asking Raishin on a date in the anime.

Raishin did not want to assimilate Charlotte’s question, confirmingly asking her if it was true, and Charlotte embarrassedly scoffed at Raishin and assented. Yaya was aghast, and as she was, interposed and declined Charlotte, but Raishin interjected and assented, shocking Yaya. Charlotte then excused herself and hurriedly awkwardly left. Suddenly, Raishin felt the violent fury that was emanating from Yaya who was behind him. Raishin timidly turned and tried calming her down, but Yaya strangled Raishin on the neck. As Raishin was about to faint, Lisette, accompanied by Zeth, suddenly interposed, scoffing at him, making Yaya release him. Raishin then turned to face Lisette, and Lisette sternly handed Raishin a large envelope. Raishin asked Lisette what it was, and Lisette mocked Raishin, scornfully looked upon him, and then sternly answered that it contains a contract for the agreement between him and the Disciplinary Committee and all the materials about Cannibal Candy that the Disciplinary Committee have.

Charlotte Asking Raishin to become a Decoy for Cannibal Candy

Charlotte asking Raishin to become a decoy for Cannibal Candy.

Half past three in the afternoon, in a lecture room inside the Faculty of Science, Raishin, together with Yaya, skipped out of his remaining lecture and was lead by Charlotte, with Sigmund resting on top of her cap, out of the lecture room to the Technical Vocational Building where they then searched behind it. Charlotte continued leading, repeatedly searching. Two hours later, dusk, Yaya was becoming enraged at the situation, but Charlotte was still persistent. She asked Raishin to become a decoy for Cannibal Candy, but Raishin, weary of Charlotte’s behaviour, refused and argued that Cannibal Candy only comes out amidst of the night. Charlotte retorted that it is only the belief of the common people as Cannibal Candy could attack unpredictably. Raishin became troubled of Charlotte’s resolve on finding Cannibal Candy as she will force him to search with her until the next day so he then asked her for them to have a proper date, shocking her and Yaya. Charlotte declined, but Raishin taunted Charlotte, using her family’s pride against her, making her assent. Raishin then announced to her that they will go to the city, making her panic and hesitate. Charlotte tried making an excuse and asked Sigmund for help, but Sigmund gave his consent and then flew away from Charlotte’s cap. Raishin then forcibly grabbed her hand and pulled her as they left the Academy.

Sigmund Consoling Yaya as She Weeps after Raishin Took Charlotte Out on a Date

Sigmund consoling Yaya as she weeps after Raishin took Charlotte out on a date.

Yaya became aghast and enraged as she watched Raishin and Charlotte leave the Academy. She then tried staggeringly following after them, but Sigmund bit Yaya’s hair and yanked her back, making her complain to him of releasing her. He reminded her of the prohibition of a student’s automaton to leave the Academy’s premises and then warned her that the Academy’s securities are becoming wary of her, making her flinch and begin to weep. Sigmund tried consoling Yaya and gave her some advice, but Yaya continued weeping. He was astonished at her behaviour and then landed in front of her to lecture her and ask her why she was persistent when it comes to Raishin, and Yaya embarrassedly declined answering. Sigmund asked her if her behaviour was related to Raishin’s aim and then inquired about his true aim, and Yaya modestly answered that Raishin is seeking revenge. Sigmund then landed on top of Yaya’s head and advised her to be cautious of Cannibal Candy as Raishin and Charlotte are not around.

Dinner of Inference

Raishin and Charlotte Strolling Around the City

Raishin and Charlotte strolling around the city.

Evening, in the city, Raishin and Charlotte were walking along the streets when Charlotte suddenly frightenedly hid behind Raishin as an inebriated man passed by, and abruptly after, was surprised at the sound of the laughter of the children behind them, making Raishin realise that Charlotte was feeling helpless because Sigmund was not with her. Raishin commented his realisation to Charlotte and assured her, but Charlotte retorted back that she does not trust him. Raishin then continued walking, and Charlotte chased after Raishin. She then asked him where he was making his way, and Raishin answered that he was making his way to the city’s waterway. Charlotte found Raishin’s idea trite and was disappointed at it, remarking that if that was already his best idea then they should just return to their dormitories instead as she was already beginning to feel hungry. Raishin then decided for them to eat in a restaurant instead, but Charlotte refused as she does not have money.

Charlotte and Raishin having a Light Banter As They Ate Their Meals

Charlotte and Raishin having a light banter as they ate their meals.

Raishin assured Charlotte, remarking that he will treat her, making her thrilled, but Charlotte abruptly tried hiding her excitement and mockingly refused, however her stomach rumbled, making her embarrass, and she then finally assented. Twenty minutes later, at the balcony of the second floor of The Pumphouse, Charlotte and Raishin had a light banter as they ate their meals. As their meat dish was served to them, Charlotte asked Raishin why he chose to target her for her Entry when he could have chosen a weaker qualifier, and Raishin undeterminably answered that he wanted to take a risk in order to be fair with a qualifier as a qualifier is at risk of losing one’s Entry. Charlotte then asked Raishin why he wanted to be a Wiseman, but Raishin evadingly answered Charlotte’s question. He then asked her what her relationship is with Felix, and Charlotte affectionately related that he would watch over her whenever she was repeatedly harassed by other students. Raishin teased Charlotte and then asked her why she would refuse his invitations to a date, and Charlotte depressingly answered that it was because she did not want to further increase her enemies and then fell into a silence. Raishin then changed the topic and asked her why she wanted to be a Wiseman, and Charlotte ambiguously but sorrowfully resolutely answered that she has a dream that she has to fulfill.

Raishin Dashing Towards the Scene

Raishin dashing towards the scene.

After Charlotte and Raishin left The Pumphouse, they stopped by a shoe shop, and then after, walked back to the Academy. As they did, Raishin thanked Charlotte for helping him decide and choose the pair of shoes he had just bought. As they neared the Academy Gates, Charlotte unexpectedly remarked that she finally somehow understood his reason for targeting her for her Entry as she also felt the same of wanting to be punished as she committed a sin in the past. Raishin then was about to retort back but he suddenly noticed a commotion happening inside the Academy and swiftly dashed towards it.

Cannibal Candy Uproar Ⅱ

Ten Benchwarmers' Silver-haired Member Crying Over Undine's Dead Body

Ten Benchwarmers' Silver-haired Member crying over Undine's dead body.

Past nine in the evening, after Raishin entered the Academy, he continued swiftly dashing, and as he arrived at the scene at a garden, Felix recognised him and sarcastically greeted him. Raishin disregarded Felix’s greeting and asked him what happened, and Felix answered that there is another case of devoured automaton and asked him if he wanted to see it. Raishin assented, and Felix guided Raishin inside the garden. Raishin apprehended that it might be Yaya, and impatiently followed Felix. Felix perceived Raishin’s thoughts and asked him if his automaton was with him. Raishin dissented and retorted to Felix that his automaton was not with him as well, making him suspicious of never having seen it, and then asked him where his automaton was. Felix replied that he left it in the Locker as a solution to the risk of being attacked for his Entry. Suddenly, Charlotte interposed, calling out to Raishin. Felix greeted Charlotte and sharply commented on her date with Raishin, making Charlotte flinch, but before she could defend herself, Felix interposed, showing Raishin the dead body of the devoured automaton, coldly ignoring her. The devoured automaton, unlike most of the victims, peculiarly had an only half melted smooth and glassy scarred cavity on its torso. Raishin concluded that it was not Yaya and finally recognised it as the undine upon looking at the member of the group that attacked Charlotte crying over it as he clung to it.

Felix Repulsing Charlotte

Felix repulsing Charlotte.

Charlotte then briefly looked upon the member of the group and was astonished and moved by his mourning, making her more determined to find Cannibal Candy. She then turned away, but Felix suddenly interposed, advised her to stop searching for Cannibal Candy, and sadly informed her that he will stop courting her, making her shocked. Charlotte was about to defend herself, but Felix interposed, asking her to leave the scene, remarked for them not to see each other for a while, and dejectedly turned away. Charlotte was aghast and confused. Raishin tried calming her down, but Charlotte ran away. Raishin then disappointingly returned to the Tortoise Dormitory. As he warily entered his room, Yaya peculiarly cheerfully greeted him and invited him to eat the dinner she had just made, but Raishin knew that cooking in the dormitory was impossible and therefore perceived that Yaya was having a malfunction in her thinking process. Not knowing what to do, he tightly hugged her and apologised to her, making her return to her usual self. Raishin then presented to Yaya the package he had just bought, surprising her, and Yaya excitedly opened it, revealing a pair of boots. Raishin helped Yaya put it on, and Yaya became exuberant.

Raishin Contemplating on Cannibal Candy's Mode of Operation's Queer Change

Raishin contemplating on Cannibal Candy's mode of operation's queer change.

Raishin then explained that the reason why he went out on a date with Charlotte was that he wanted to clear his suspicion of her possibly being Cannibal Candy. He then contemplated that because of him having a date with Charlotte, which lead to the sudden change of mode of operation of Cannibal Candy, he was able to grasp that Charlotte was being incriminated by Cannibal Candy. Amidst Raishin’s contemplation, the Tortoise Dormitory’s boarding master suddenly knocked on his room’s door to inform him that there is a telephone call for him. Raishin left Yaya in his room and went down to the lobby to answer the call. On the other side of the line was Lisette, Raishin asked her for the reason of her call, and Lisette informed Raishin that the Disciplinary Committee is searching for Charlotte and asked him if he knew where her whereabouts were, but Raishin dissented, making Lisette scoff at him and hang up on him. Raishin was flustered at Charlotte’s sudden disappearance and was worried with what she is planning to do and what might happen to her. He then was about to leave the dormitory when he abruptly halted upon seeing Shouko who was in front of him as she greeted him.

Portentous Wager Ⅰ

Shouko Accosting Raishin

Shouko accosting Raishin.

Two years ago, evening, snowing, Shouko, together with Yaya who was holding an umbrella for her, approached the Akabane Clan’s burnt estate and entered it. Amidst of the estate’s debris was a perturbed, macabre Raishin who was undressed to his waist, profusely sweating as he intensely rivettingly and forcibly used Kouyokujin which he followed through from a scrolled manual to make a wooden doll move, making him exhaustingly exasperated, however the wooden doll only staggeringly moved a little. He looked through the scrolled manual and used Kouyokujin again, but before he could completely do, he terribly coughed blood and then tormentingly terribly coughed further until he finally collapsed on his back onto the ground. Shouko then approached Raishin and commended his efforts. Raishin asked Shouko who she was, and Shouko then turned to Yaya and beckoned her. Yaya approached Raishin, turned her back on him, and took off her kimono, revealing a “Karyuusai” inscription on her back which made him realise that she was an automaton and who Shouko was. Shouko introduced Yaya and then stated the amount of influence she possessed and inferred that it can grant him his wish wherefore she will lend Yaya to him. As Raishin deliberated what Shouko had said, Shouko abruptly interposed, and as she schemingly stared at him, gave him two choices of the paths he could take.

True Identity Ⅰ

Shouko Relating the Japanese Army's Investigation on Cannibal Candy

Shouko relating the Japanese Army's investigation on Cannibal Candy.

Raishin was surprised to see Shouko, who was together with Irori where with hidden presences, and was then about to ask her for the reason why she was in the Academy when Irori signalled him to silence just as the dormitory’s boarding master suspiciously peered and asked him if there was anything wrong. Raishin allayed the dormitory’s boarding master, and Shouko then whispered to Raishin for them to talk in his room. Raishin, Shouko and Irori headed to Raishin’s room, and as they entered it, Yaya was about to leap onto Raishin but abruptly halted upon seeing Shouko. Shouko affectionately greeted her on her being fine to which Yaya assented, but Irori suddenly interjected and reprimanded her. Ignoring Yaya and Irori’s exchange, Raishin asked Shouko for the reason why she was in the Academy, and Shouko teasingly seductively answered that she was worried about him, making Yaya jealously coldly stare at him and him retort back at Shouko to stop teasing him and asked her for her true reason. She then answered that Cannibal Candy might be a formidable opponent, making Raishin stir, but she abruptly shifted topics and lectured him on his sentimentality, inferring that it might cause his downfall and advising him to discard it. Raishin stubbornly refused and argued his principle, and Shouko pleasingly consented and returned to her earlier topic, relating the Japanese Army’s investigation on the cases of missing students in the Academy, their conclusion that paramount individuals or groups might be involved, and the arguments that support their conclusion. She then warned Raishin to withdraw, and after Raishin briefly deliberated about it, he dissentingly and resolutely answered that he wanted to help Charlotte, making Shouko pleasingly consent.

Shouko Removing Yaya's Restriction

Shouko removing Yaya's restriction.

Shouko then summoned Yaya and removed her restriction, making her fall, though she was immediately caught by Raishin. She lectured Raishin of Kongouriki’s weakness and then consented for him to leave. Raishin then called out to Yaya, and together with her, dashed out of his room. After Raishin and Yaya left, Irori remarked her observation about Raishin’s change in character since two years ago, her disbelief in it and her impression of his character ever since, but Shouko reproved her. Anxious, Irori asked Shouko if Raishin will be alright, and Shouko assured her, stating and explaining Raishin’s capabilities. Irori then asked Shouko if Raishin was capable of defeating Tenzen, and Shouko answered that Raishin would be the one to ascertain it and then abruptly shifted to remarking that talking about revenge was absurd and forlornly that if Raishin knew of the ulterior truth, he would hate her. Irori did not pry, and as she stared through the window, wished for Raishin’s safety and success.

Felix Appeasing Raishin

Felix appeasing Raishin.

Raishin and Yaya burst out of the Tortoise Dormitory and dashed towards the Gryphon Dormitory. As they did, Raishin recalled his earlier conversation with Felix.— Raishin was about to run after Charlotte, but Felix stopped Raishin and appeased him, explaining that the reason for his earlier harsh conduct towards Charlotte was to prevent her from continuing her reckless actions and assuring him that he will make amends with her after the Cannibal Candy case was managed.— After Raishin’s recollection, he became anxious of Charlotte’s well-being, and as he was distracted with it, Yaya suddenly warned him of an approaching presence. Raishin reflexively prepared for battle, and as he and Yaya approached it, he recognised its figure as that of being Lisette’s and called out to her. He asked her if she was searching for Charlotte, and Lisette assented and replied that she had the impression that Raishin would be hurryingly searching for Charlotte so she then headed towards the Tortoise Dormitory. After briefly contemplating, she then asked Raishin if Charlotte had said anything to him as he had been with her earlier, but Raishin dissented and replied that Felix might have been the reason for Charlotte’s sudden disappearance.

Raishin Asking Eliza if He could Confirm Something in the Locker

Raishin asking Lisette if he could confirm something in the Locker.

Suddenly, he noticed the Disciplinary Committee members’ figures stealthily moving amidst the forest and remarked about it. Lisette noticed it as well and hesitantly replied that the Disciplinary Committee was exerting itself into searching for Charlotte, making Raishin ask back if the Disciplinary Committee was suspecting Charlotte of being Cannibal Candy. Lisette conceded and disclosed that numerous magic circuits were discovered in Charlotte’s room, making Raishin contemplate about it thereby deriving from it the idea of where the missing students’ bodies could have been hidden. As Lisette then excused herself, Raishin interposed and deliberately asked Lisette if he could confirm something in the Locker where with her cooperation, shocking and agitating her. Lisette then replied that she does not have the authority to grant him access into the Locker, making Raishin ask back whose permission was required. She evadingly replied that she needs a moment to make a telephone call to Felix to discuss with him about Raishin’s request, confirmed that she will help him, and then left. After Raishin anxiously waited for awhile, Lisette finally returned, reported that Felix talked to the Night Party Executive Committee who thereby gave her and Raishin permission to access the Locker, and then led Raishin and Yaya to it.

Raishin Asking Eliza About Felix's Automaton

Raishin asking Lisette about Felix's automaton.

After Lisette, Raishin and Yaya arrived at it, Lisette informed Raishin of its condition of entry and gravely explained the reason for it, and Raishin agreed and then cautioned Yaya. Worried, Yaya remarked to Raishin that his chastity might be in danger if he was alone with Lisette, and Lisette assured Yaya that she will kill herself if ever Raishin attacks her, making Raishin reprove Lisette and stop her and Yaya. Lisette then presented herself to the Locker’s security guards and indicated her Disciplinary Committee armband to them, and after they processed her and Raishin’s entry and handed over to them a master key, she and Raishin then entered it. Lisette asked him what he wanted to confirm, and Raishin answered that he wanted to confirm something in a third year student’s locker as it might be a decisive clue to finding Cannibal Candy, making Lisette conclude that she and Raishin will then proceed to the Locker’s second floor. As he and Lisette did, he asked her what kind of automaton was Felix’s automaton was, and Lisette answered that she does not know much about it although she heard from rumours that it was an antique. Raishin then asked her what kind of magic circuit was installed inside it, and Lisette answered that she does not know much about it as well and then gave him her observations about it. After Lisette and Raishin arrived at the Locker’s second floor, Lisette indicated Felix’s locker’s location to Raishin as she had the impression from their conversation of it being the one he wanted to investigate, but Raishin replied that he does not intend to go to it, confounding Lisette.

Raishin Discovering Lisette's Dead Body in Her Own Locker

Raishin discovering Lisette's dead body in her own locker.

He took the master key from her and walked to a different location, and as Raishin arrived at the room of his intended locker, Lisette realised whose locker he was intending to investigate. Raishin opened the room and searched for his intended locker through the lockers’ name plates, and after finding it, he unlocked it and decisively opened its cover where he was surprised to see inside it the naked dead body of Lisette in a large cylinder glass filled with formaldehyde, making himself regret not having perceived such apparentness. In the next moment, Lisette forcefully hit Raishin’s back. A day prior, evening, inside the deserted lecture hall, after warning Raishin of Charlotte, Lisette asked Raishin if he had any questions, and Raishin assented, and as he tauntingly stared at Lisette, asked her why she was present during the time of Cannibal Candy’s attack, upsetting Lisette whereby making her hide her face with her hand pushing up her eye glasses as she askingly retorted if he was accusing her of being Cannibal Candy. Raishin insisted on his question, and Lisette dissented and answered that the crime was only reported to her so when she dashed to the crime scene, Cannibal Candy was already gone.

Eliza Explaining How She Identified Morning Star Wielder

Lisette explaining how she identified one of the devoured automata.

Raishin then confirmingly asked Lisette if she was the one who identified one of the devoured automata as the morning star wielder, and Lisette assented. He asked her how she was able to identify it as since it was unrecognisable, she should have not been able to. Lisette answered that any common person would have concluded it due to the iron ball, but before she could finish, Raishin suddenly interjected and argued that the iron ball was smashed into the devoured automaton’s legs therefore any common person would have concluded instead that the devoured automaton was the one who was attacked by the morning star wielder and was not the morning star wielder herself unless a person already knew of the devoured automaton’s identity from the very beginning. Lisette fervently countered Raishin’s argument and vindicated herself, making Raishin mockingly laugh at her and pacify her. Raishin then turned away, but abruptly, he halted, turned his head back at Lisette and clarified that he never accused her of being Cannibal Candy from the very beginning and only asked her if she was present during the time of Cannibal Candy’s attack, surprising her. Lisette replied that she misunderstood what he had said, and Raishin mockingly laughed as he left. After Raishin left, infuriated, Lisette lashed the room’s lectern, destroying it.

Incrimination of Convenience

Charlotte Targeting Lion-like Automaton

Charlotte targeting Lion-like Automaton.

In a dark tunnel of trees, Charlotte briskly walked as Sigmund flew after her, trying to convince her for them to return to their dormitory, but Charlotte was stubborn and silenced Sigmund. Sigmund flew in front of Charlotte, and as he flew backwards facing her, persistently lectured her on the foolishness of her stubbornness in hunting Cannibal Candy until she finally realised his point herself, depressing herself; however, despite it, Charlotte wearily silenced Sigmund. Sigmund then scanned the surrounding area when he finally noticed a four-legged automaton fifty metres away. Charlotte prepared for battle, transmitting magic energy into Sigmund, and then commanded him to launch Lustre Flare at the four-legged automaton, impaling it. Charlotte rejoiced and ran over to it to confirm what she had hit when the Disciplinary Committee members suddenly ordered her not to move, confusing her.

Felix Confronting Charlotte

Felix confronting Charlotte.

Felix accosted Charlotte, depressingly informed her that the four-legged automaton was one of his spare automata that he was using as a bait to lure Cannibal Candy for their sting operation, and then remarked that since he heard that she had snuck out of her dormitory, he then ordered the Disciplinary Committee to cordon off the area they were present in the case that she might do something, making Charlotte afraid as she finally realised that she was being suspected of being Cannibal Candy. Charlotte vindicated herself, explaining that she had mistaken the four-legged automaton as Cannibal Candy, but Felix coldly argued that Charlotte should stop her pretentious act of being indignant towards Cannibal Candy as it contradicts with her being hostile towards other people. Charlotte retorted, asking for evidence, and Felix answered that the evidence is the numerous magic circuits found in Charlotte’s room, surprising Charlotte. Charlotte tried vindicating herself, stirring the Disciplinary Committee members as she knew of the numerous magic circuits in her room therefore confirming them as evidence against her, and as Felix disappointingly stared at Charlotte, he then conclusively declared her as being Cannibal Candy.

Eliza Informing the Locker's Security Guards of What had Happened

Lisette informing the Locker's security guards of what had happened.

Raishin crashed onto the huge cylinder glass and he and the huge cylinder glass then smashed onto the room’s wall, rendering him unconscious and shattering the huge cylinder glass whose violent clatter reverberated throughout the Locker, alarming its security guards. Two security guards, together with their automata, immediately dashed to the room and noiselessly burst into it, where upon seeing Lisette, coldly asked her what had happened. Acting affrightedly, Lisette answered that Raishin had tried destroying the automata in the room so she then had no choice but to attack him. One of the security guards checked the room to confirm Lisette’s story, and after, together with the other security guard, then took Raishin’s body. As the security guards turned away, Lisette intercepted them, informed them that Raishin might be conspiring with Cannibal Candy as he may have had created the commotion in the Locker in order to conceal its movements wherefore she requested them to restrain Yaya as a precaution. The security guards assented and then asked Lisette what she was then going to do, and Lisette answered that she will be meeting up with the Disciplinary Committee members to report to them about the commotion as Cannibal Candy might have already made its move. The security guards replied that they preferred Lisette to stay as she was an eyewitness to the commotion, and Lisette promised the security guards that she will return as soon as possible, identified herself and handed over to them her student identification card, assuring them whereby they then permitted her to leave. She then sealed the locker and then hastily left.


Magic Energy Bursting Forth from Yaya’s Body

Magic energy bursting forth from Yaya’s body.

In front of the Locker, the security guards and some of the Disciplinary Committee members handling Raishin carelessly and roughly gave him first aid and then put him onto a stretcher bounded for the Doctor’s Office. Suddenly, Kimberly nonchalantly appeared, accosted the persons handling Raishin, approached Raishin and then mocked him, but Raishin did not respond, making Kimberly realise that he was unconscious. Kimberly then checked Raishin’s condition and then informed the persons handling Raishin of its terrible state, alerting them whereby making them hastily transport him to the Doctor’s Office. After Raishin was transported away, she then asked the security guards where Yaya was, and the security guards indicated Yaya who was being transported away to the Night Party Executive Committee, making her frown at Yaya’s terrible condition of being battered and excessively restrained with two level E capture rings and three magic insulation codes. Suddenly, Kimberly reflexively became vigilant upon sensing Yaya to have moved, and in the next moment, exclaimed for the security guards to draw away from her as she leapt away upon sensing Yaya’s magic energy leaking out from her body, but before the security guards could react, a huge amount of magic energy burst forth from Yaya’s body, sending them flying away. Yaya then easily removed all of her restraints and instantly disappeared, stunning the security guards and perplexing Kimberly.

True Identity Ⅱ

Charlotte Weeping after Realising that She was Deceived by Felix

Charlotte weeping after realising that she was deceived by Felix.

The explosion’s clatter, tremor and gust reached the area where Charlotte, Sigmund, Felix, and the Disciplinary Committee members were, stirring the Disciplinary Committee members. Felix appeased them and then ordered some of them to head towards the Locker and the rest of them to retreat and cordon off the area fifty metres away from their current area, surprising them and making them hesitant to follow Felix’s order and leave him to face Charlotte alone. He assured the Disciplinary Committee members, stating his capabilities and his automaton of finally arriving just as Eliza descended behind him, but the Disciplinary Committee members refused to follow Felix’s order. Felix then coldly declared to them that they will only be hindrances to him, apprehending them and making them finally follow his order and leave. After they left, Charlotte asked Felix if he truly believed that she was Cannibal Candy, and Felix assented, explaining that it would be problematic to him if he did not wherefore he planned Raishin to be one who will defeat Charlotte, although however since Raishin opened Lisette’s locker, he then had him and Yaya dealt with instead, making Charlotte finally realise in an utter disbelief that Felix had all along deceived her as he was actually Cannibal Candy and was carefully planning to use her as his scapegoat, distressing her and making her despondent and weep.

Charlotte Startled after Raishin and Yaya Blocked Eliza's Attack

Charlotte startled after Raishin and Yaya blocked Eliza's attack.

Felix transmitted magic energy into Eliza and then had her launch a jet spear of water at Charlotte’s head, but Sigmund immediately used his body to intercept the attack, making it pierce through him as he was sent crashing away to the ground. He then called out to Charlotte to support him, but Charlotte did not respond, continuing to weep as she pondered on how she could apologise to Raishin after she had caused for him and Yaya to be involved into Felix’s scheme. She then uttered her apologies to Raishin just as Felix had Eliza launch a jet spear of water again at her, but Raishin, together with Yaya, suddenly appeared and had her block the attack, startling Charlotte. He then warmly remarked to Charlotte that she should not to apologise to him as she did not do anything that she needs to apologise for and then faced Felix.

Predator Ⅰ


Predator Ⅱ



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