Name (Japanese) (ふうりんざん)

Name (Romaji) Fūrinkazan

Name (Literal English) Wind, Forest, Fire, and Mountain

Classification Support

Range Long

Known Users Raishin Akabane

Light Novel Volume 1

Manga Chapter 1

Anime Episode 1

Fuurinkazan ((ふうりんざん) Fūrinkazan?, lit. "Wind, Forest, Fire, and Mountain") is an elementary battle concept used by beginners in the field of puppetry that functions as a code or a vocalised command that lets its user adjust the nature of the magic energy, the amount of magic energy output, the type of magic art; the formation that which its user and its user's automaton attacks with whether if it is offence or defence, which its user transmits to its user's automaton. The command is issued in the form of: the nature (based off the Fuurinkazan; Suimei ((すいめい) Suimei?, lit. "Howling Wind"), Shinkan ((しんかん) Shinkan?, lit. "Silent Forest"), Kouen ((こうえん) Kōen?, lit. "Flaming Light") or Tenken ((てんけん) Tenken?, lit. "Nature’s Ruggedness")) + number (magic energy output) + formation (offence or defence; Shou ((しょう) Shō?, lit. "Strike") or Ketsu ((けつ) Ketsu?, lit. "Binding")). The command would look like for example: for strike; Tenken Kyuujuurokushou ((てんけんきゅうじゅうろくしょう) Tenken Kyūjūrokushō?, lit. "96th Strike: Nature’s Ruggedness") or for binding; Kouen Juuniketsu ((こうえんじゅうけつ) Kōen Jūniketsu?, lit. "12th Binding: Flaming Light").


Fuurinkazan ((ふうりんざん) Fūrinkazan?) was derived from the Fuurinkazan, the Japanese battle standard used by the famous daimyo of the Sengoku period in Japan, Takeda Shingen, which quoted the four phrases, "Let your rapidity be that of the wind, your silence that of the forest" (故其疾如風,其徐如林?), "In raiding and plundering that of the fire, be immovable that of the mountain" (侵掠如火,不動如山?), from the ancient Chinese military treatise, "The Art of War" (孙子兵法?), written by the Chinese high-ranking military general, strategist and tactician, Sun Tzu. It is the title of "Fuurinkazan" ((ふうりんざん)?), the Japanese novel written by the Japanese writer and poet, Yasushi Inoue, which popularised the four-character version; "as swift as the wind, as silent as the forest, as fierce as the fire and as immovable as the mountain" ((ふうりんざん)?), of the original set of phrases from the battle standard.


  • Suimei ((すいめい) Suimei?, lit. "Howling Wind")
  • Shinkan ((しんかん) Shinkan?, lit. "Silent Forest")
  • Kouen ((こうえん) Kōen?, lit. "Flaming Light")
  • Tenken ((てんけん) Tenken?, lit. "Nature’s Ruggedness")


  • Fuurinkazan's function of being a command for battle tactics is synonymous with the battle standard, Fuurinkazan,'s function of being a symbol for a warrior's battle tactics.


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