Name (Japanese) 魔剣(グラム)

Name (Romaji) Maken (Guramu)

Known Users

Light Novel Volume 1

Manga Chapter 2

Anime Episode 1

Gram (魔剣(グラム) Maken (Guramu)?, lit. "Cursed Sword") is a magic circuit of the heavenly scale that allows its user to annihilate matter, the involvement of the encounters between the anti-particles and the particles in the atmosphere which leads to the annihilation of both and results to the production of light which causes a strong vacuum effect which then contains the process in itself, which allows its user to seemingly shoot forth various types of beams of light that annihilate anything that has form regardless of how hard or mirrored the object is and to generate matter, the involvement of the conversion of the resultant of the annihilation of matter, light, into matter, which allows its user to manipulate its user's mass in combination with the annihilation of matter.


Gram (魔剣(グラム) Maken (Guramu)?, lit. "Cursed Sword") was derived from the Gram, the sword of the hero, Sigmund, of the Völsunga saga of the Norse mythology, which comes from the Old Norse word, gramr, meaning "wrath". It is the name of gram, a unit of measurement in the metric system of measurement to measure mass or weight.





Gram is weak against the magic circuits such as Fragarach of Shin and the Reflector Knights and Force Dimension.



  • Gram being wielded by Sigmund is synonymous with the sword, Gram, being wielded by the hero, Sigmund, where Gram's Japanese kanji, (魔剣 Maken?), may also mean as "magic sword" and the sword, Gram, is a magic sword.
  • Gram is the unit of measurement used to measure particles.
  • Gram is the former name of and may also refer to chickpeas, one of the types of food Charlotte often threatens Sigmund of feeding him instead of his usual meal of chicken whenever she becomes irritated with him.


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