Icy Blast

Anime  |  Manga
Icy Blast

Name (Japanese) 氷流

Name (Romaji) Kōri-ryū


Range Long

Magic Circuit Jack Frost's Magic Circuit

Known Users Jack Frost

Light Novel Volume 1

Manga Chapter 3

Anime Episode 1

Icy Blast (氷流 Kōri-ryū?) is an unnamed ability of Jack Frost's Magic Circuit that allows a user to fire an ice-cold blast that can freeze anything it hits.[1] In the manga, the user fired the ice-cold blast with sharp spears of ice crystals.[2] In the anime, the user fired the ice-cold blast by detaching its head and positioning it at the centre of its body, with the top of its pale hat, equipped with a built-in fan to boost its attack, aimed at its target, then fires the amplified snowflake filled blast.[3]


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