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Kouen Shou

Name (Japanese) (こうえん)

Name (Romaji) Kōen

Name (Literal English) Flaming Light

Name (Funimation English) Flare

Classification Support

Range Long

Known Users Raishin Akabane

Light Novel Volume 1

Manga Chapter 4

Anime Episode 1

Kouen ((こうえん) Kōen?, lit. "Flaming Light") is a command based off the Fuurinkazan for Yaya to release a barrage of movements or attacks. In the anime, whenever Raishin uses Kouen on Yaya, with a shou formation, he releases crimson strings of magic energy onto her, while with a ketsu formation, he releases yellow strings of magic energy, enveloping her whole body, glowing off with the respective magic energy for a short duration of time.

Used Fuurinkazan CodesEdit


  • Kouen Nijuuyonshou ((こうえんにじゅうよんしょう) Kōen Nijūyonshō?, lit. "24th Strike: Flaming Light"):
  • Kouen Sanjuurokushou ((こうえんさんじゅうろくしょう) Kōen Sanjūrokushō?, lit. "36th Strike: Flaming Light"):


  • Kouen Juuniketsu ((こうえんじゅうけつ) Kōen Jūniketsu?, lit. "12th Binding: Flaming Light"):



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