Lustre Cannon

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Lustre Cannon

Name (Japanese) ラスターキャノン

Name (Romaji) Rasutākyanon


Range Long

Magic Circuit Gram

Known Users

Light Novel Volume 1

Manga Chapter 4

Anime Episode 1

Lustre Cannon (ラスターキャノン Rasutā Kyanon?) is an ability of Gram that allows a user to shoot forth a blindingly fierce torrent of light from one's jaw by annihilating matter resulting to its production. The violent blast of light resembles the Breathe of Fire (竜の息(ブレス) Ryū no Iki (Buresu)?) from the dragons of legends, and the brightness of its light can scorch the retinas. The beam of light can extend up to twenty metres, and after being fired will rapidly decay, then losing its effect.[1]


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