Machine Doll (Tin Doll)

A machine doll carrying a trunk.

Machine Doll (機械人形 Kikai Ningyō?) is an ordinary automated doll made out of tin, a type of metal that is cheap and tough, with exposed gears and cylinders and simple mechanisms, which causes for it to have stiff and awkward movements, that is powered by steam, when operating, releases smoke from its nozzle, and is not installed with a magic circuit. It is similar to an automaton, having the ability to operate automatically as well, although since it is not installed with the magic circuit, Eve’s Heart, it does not have intelligence and its own will and is instead programmed to perform specific functions, acting and responding in a mechanical routine manner on command. A machine doll is not a puppet and does not need a puppeteer to transmit magic energy into it in order to function and to be controlled. It is commonly used by common people to assist them in simple tasks such as carrying objects, cleaning, or attending a stall.[1][2]

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