Mass Manipulation

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Magic Circuit Gram

Known Users

Light Novel Volume 1

Manga Chapter 2

Anime Episode 1

Mass Manipulation (?) is an unnamed ability of Gram that allows its user to manipulate its user's mass accordingly wherein its user increases its user's mass by generating matter through the conversion of light into matter wherefore a significant amount of light is required for it which results to the dark appearing dense gas-like collection of light, like a black mist, with the lightning it produces being discharged around it, that overflows from Gram's user's true body and envelopes its user and the area around its user where after dissipating, its user appears with its user's body changed into an increased size and its user decreases its user's mass by annihilating matter which results to the production of a dazzling light which its user emits where after fading, its user appears with its user's body changed into a decreased size which allows its user to transform into various sizes; a size no bigger than a cat, a size roughly the size of a horse, back to one's original size, a size bigger than one's original size, or the size as large as a pool with one's arm the size of an elephant.



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