Puppeteer (人形使い Ningyōtsukai?) is a person who controls a puppet by transmitting magic energy into it. There are several types of puppets that one may control; a wooden doll, an automaton, a Banned Doll, or a Maschinensoldat. The type of puppet one can use, the number of puppets one can control, and how the puppet is manipulated depends mainly on one's skills.


Condition of Doll ManipulationEdit

The manipulation of a puppet depends mainly on what type of puppet is being used by the puppeteer. An ordinary doll without any form of autonomy such as a wooden doll requires the puppeteer to skillfully transmit magic energy onto it to be able to control every part of its body; the tension on its joints, its balance, and its overall movements. An autonomous doll such as an automaton and a Banned Doll requires the puppeteer to transmit magic energy into them in order to function and to properly synchronize with them in order not to waste the magic energy transmitted into them and as well as not to depress their movements. A Maschinensoldat on the other hand does not require the puppeteer to transmit magic energy into it in order to function and to control it.


Known PuppeteersEdit

Name Epithet/Registration Code Automaton
Ahmad Unknown
Akabane Clan Head Unnamed
Alice Bernstein Elf Speeder Shin
Bronson Sword Angel Lucifer
Cedric Granville
Charlotte Belew Tyrant Rex Sigmund
Ten Benchwarmers' Dark Brown-haired Member Witch
Edward Rutherford The Strongest Mage of the 19th Century Astaroth
Felix Kingsfort Valkyria Eliza
Quadrupedal Automaton
Frey Surround Roar Rabbi
Ten Benchwarmers' Silver-haired Member Undine
Shouko Karyuusai Irori
Lisette Norden White Mist Snow White
Loki Sacred Blaze Cherubim
Magnus Marshal Hotaru
Nadeshiko Akabane Unknown
Raishin Akabane Second Last Yaya
Rosenberg Rosa Adamant Sophia
Rosso Unknown
Schiller Unknown
Schmidt Zermalmer Hammer Knight
Schneider Fliegende Pein Claymore Knight
Ten Benchwarmers' Leader Morning Star Wielder
Tenzen Akabane
Walter Unknown
Weizsäcker Sisters Unknown Reflector Knights


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