Raishin's automaton. He knows of Yaya's romantic feelings for him. Raishin often becomes angry at and scolds Yaya whenever she makes vulgar, perverted remarks about him or on what kind of relationship she has with him and whenever she makes aggressive advances to him.

Charlotte BelewEdit

Raishin addresses Charlotte as Charl (シャル Sharu?). He often teases her due to her always being provoked by his provocations, making her reveal her various unexpected reactions, which he revels in, and her even more irritated with him, which often to a point, results for her to command Sigmund to attack him.

Shouko KaryuusaiEdit


Nadeshiko AkabaneEdit

Raishin's younger sister. He, from Japan, came to the Academy in the United Kingdom just to avenge Nadeshiko.

Akabane Clan HeadEdit

Raishin's father.


Raishin initially found Kimberly to might possibly be a fine woman due to her hinting him of another way to enter the Night Party.

Tenzen AkabaneEdit

Raishin's elder brother. He assumes Tenzen of having killed their clan and thus has a deep hatred for him and therefore wants to exact revenge on him by killing him. Raishin assumes him of being Magnus.


Raishin assumes Magnus of being Tenzen and thus has a deep hatred for him. He, from Japan, came to the Academy in the United Kingdom just to exact revenge on him by killing him.



Raishin found Hotaru to excessively resemble Nadeshiko.

Edward RutherfordEdit


Raishin initially immediately suspected Eliza of being related with Cannibal Candy, and after briefly confirming his doubts, began mocking her.

Felix KingsfortEdit

Raishin was initially immediately cautious of Felix's true character and briefly confirmed his doubts about it. He interacts with him in a teasing manner.

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