Rounds (十三人(ラウンズ) Jū San Nin (Raunzu)?, lit. "Thirteen People") are the top 13 Gauntlets of the Academy.


Rounds is derived from the Knights of the Round Table, the knights who were members of King Arthur's Round Table, of the Arthurian legend, which was first mentioned in the poem, "Roman de Brut" (lit. "Romance of Brutus"), written by the Norman monk and poet, Maistre Wace, and was mentioned to be composed of thirteen members in the poem, "Didot Perceval", written by the French poet, Robert de Boron.


Rank Name Registration Code Automaton/Others Notes
10th Cedric Granville Unknown
7th Loki Sacred Blaze Cherubim Loki was originally in the 7th seat but then demoted himself to the 99th seat.
6th Charlotte Belew Tyrant Rex Sigmund
4th Felix Kingsfort Valkyria Eliza
Quadrupedal Automaton
Unknown automaton
Unknown automaton
Felix Kingsfort's seat was vacated only after he was expelled out of the Academy. Cogwheel IV
1st Magnus Marshal Hotaru



  1. Felix Kingsfort's seat was vacated after he was defeated by Raishin Akabane, revealing him to be Cannibal Candy, and expelled out of the Academy.

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