Snow White
Personal Information
Name (Japanese) スノーホワイト

Name (Romaji) Sunōho Waito

Gender Unknown

Classification Automaton

Puppeteer Lisette Norden

Magic Circuit

Manga Volume 2 (Bonus Content)

Snow White (スノーホワイト Sunōho Waito?) is a character of the Unbreakable Machine-Doll series. It is the automaton of Lisette Norden. Snow White is one of the victims of Cannibal Candy.


Snow White (スノーホワイト Sunōho Waito?) was derived from the English word, snow-white, meaning "white as snow". It is the name of Snow White, the main protagonist of the German fairy tale, "Snow White" (Sneewittchen), of the German fairy and folk tale collection, "Children's and Household Tales" (Kinder- und Hausmärchen), written by the German academics, linguists, cultural researchers, authors and lexicographers, the Brothers Grimm.

Magic CircuitEdit

White MistEdit

White Mist (白い幻霧(ホワイトミスト) Shiroi Maboroshi Kiri (Howaito Misuto)?, lit. "White Illusion Mist") is a magic circuit that converts the user and its equipment into a white fog, a form of fluid, like a vapourised elixir acting like a universal solvent that looks like it had been bleached white. Possessing attacking power, the white fog strikes at the target's weak point and it functions by destroying things on a molecular level. It is a magic art that is both offensive and defensive at same time. It coils around its target, binding it then suspending it mid-air. Even if the it struggles, the white fog's grip on its target won't loosen. The white fog will then slowly corrode its target, melting it away, as the mist dissolves any form of material then it absorbs what it dissolves. When the user returns to it's original form, its equipment will be reabsorbed into its body.


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