(clockwise) Kamakiri, Mitsubachi, Hotaru, Kagerou, Tamamushi, and Himegumo.

Squadron (戦隊(スコードロン) Sentai (Sukōdoron)?, lit. "Squadron") are Banned Dolls; the six automata that Magnus created and uses which is composed of Hotaru, Tamamushi, Kamakiri, Kagerou, Himegumo, and Mitsubachi.


The word Squadron comes from the Italian word "squadrone", meaning "soldiers drawn up in square formation", and is the augmentative of "squadra" (lit. "square"), meaning "battalion". 



Name Mark Symbol Representation Horn
Hotaru 30px Fire
Tamamushi Jade
Kamakiri Squadron Symbol Mantis Scythe
Kagerou Squadron Symbol Dragonfly Dragonfly
Himegumo Squadron Symbol Spider Spider
Mitsubachi Squadron Symbol Bee Bee

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  • Each of the member of the Squadron is named after an insect; their weapons corresponding to the respective insect they were named after.


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