Ten Benchwarmers
Ten Benchwarmers

Eight members of the Ten Benchwarmers.
From left to right: Ten Benchwarmers' Silver-haired Member, Ten Benchwarmers' Brown Black-haired Member, Ten Benchwarmers' Leader, Ten Benchwarmers' Dark Blond-haired Member, Ten Benchwarmers' Brown-haired Member, Ten Benchwarmers' Blond-haired Member, Ten Benchwarmers' Light Brown-haired Member, and Ten Benchwarmers' Brown-haired Bespectacled Member.

Background Information

Active Unknown

Status Unknown

Allegiance Independent

Role The Benchwarmers of the Gauntlets

Size 10

Headquarters Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Leaders Ten Benchwarmers' Leader

Light Novel Volume 1

Manga Chapter 3

Anime Episode 1

Ten Benchwarmers is an unnamed group of benchwarmers in the Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart. It is composed of ten members; hence the term of reference to the group.[1]


The Ten Benchwarmers' objective is to have one of its members win the Wiseman's throne. To enter the Night Party, they first have to defeat one or more qualifiers and take its or their Entrys, and after, compete in it with at least one member to last the series of battles and win the Wiseman's throne. They have chosen Charlotte Belew as their target but have failed to defeat her in battle.


Weeks prior to their ambush, the Ten Benchwarmers planned who their target and what their strategy will be. They chose the qualifier based on who to them seems to be the most likely threat to them to acquire the Wiseman's Throne.[2]


Facing "Cannibal Candy"Edit

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The Ten Benchwarmers Appearing from the Mist

The Ten Benchwarmers appearing from the mist in the anime.

During a lunch break, on Main Street, as Charlotte and Raishin were about to begin their battle, the Ten Benchwarmers, hiding from within the crowd of students, began their move. Morning Star Wielder, Armoured Knight, Barefooted Girl, Sextupedal Beast, Undine, Jack Frost, and Harpy attacked Sigmund successively, cornering him, and then Golem finally immobilizing him. Morning Star Wielder attacked him again, but Yaya caught her iron ball before it hit him.[3] Ten Benchwarmers' Leader then stepped out amidst the crowd of students and offered Raishin a proposal, but Raishin swiftly refused and then commanded Yaya to attack. Yaya kicked Golem away, enabling Sigmund to move freely again. Ten Benchwarmers' Dark Brown-haired Member then had Witch ambush attack Raishin, but Yaya had covered him, both appearing completely unharmed. Raishin commanded Yaya and she then burst forward and kicked Witch’s jaw. Ten Benchwarmer Leader, becoming desperate, commanded his group to attack Raishin instead. Armoured Knight and Golem attacked Raishin, but Raishin dodged their attacks. Yaya then kicked Golem, causing it to crash into Armoured Knight. She dashed into the Ten Benchwarmers' midst, and together with Raishin, attacked their automata. Charlotte then had Sigmund launch Lustre Cannon, hitting the Ten Benchwarmers' automata. The Ten Benchwarmers, defeated, retrieved their automata and scurried away.[4]


Name Position
Ten Benchwarmers' Leader Leader
Ten Benchwarmers' Silver-haired Member
Ten Benchwarmers' Dark Brown-haired Member
Ten Benchwarmers' Brown Black-haired Member
Ten Benchwarmers' Dark Blond-haired Member
Ten Benchwarmers' Brown-haired Member
Ten Benchwarmers' Blond-haired Member
Ten Benchwarmers' Light Brown-haired Member
Ten Benchwarmers' Brown-haired Bespectacled Member
Ten Benchwarmers' Unknown Member


Ten Benchwarmers can fight by using their automata in a military unit-like formation of having automata that have offensive magic arts, automata for quick raid attacks, automata for long range attacks, automata for defence, and an automaton that has a restorative magic art.