Unbreakable Machine-Doll Complete Soundtrack CD Vol.I

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Unbreakable Machine-Doll Anime Blu-ray Vol.II Picture Label

Masaru Yokoyama
Original Name TVアニメーシヨン「機巧少女は傷つかない」BD Vol.2 特典CD コンプリートサウンドトラックCD Vol.1

Length 52:35

Catalog Number ZMXZ-8982-CD

JAN Code 4935228134700

Composer Masaru Yokoyama (except Track 15)
Toku (Track 15)

Arranger Masaru Yokoyama

Label Showgate

Publisher Media Factory

The Unbreakable Machine-Doll Complete Soundtrack CD Vol.Ⅰ (機巧少女(マシンドール)は傷つかない コンプリートサウンドトラック Vol.1 Kikō Shōjo (Mashin-Dōru) wa Kizutsukanai Konpurīto Saundotorakku CD Vol.Ⅰ?) is the first volume of the complete soundtrack of the Unbreakable Machine-Doll anime series. It was composed by Masaru Yokoyama and Toku and was arranged by Masaru Yokoyama. The complete soundtrack was released bundled along with the second volume of the Unbreakable Machine-Doll Blu-ray and DVD, released on January 29, 2014, almost four months after the airing of the first episode of the anime series, and features twenty-five soundtracks.

Track ListEdit

No. Name Length Notes
1 "Walpurgis R.A.M.A" 2:05 "Walpurgis R.A.M.A" is Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart's anthem. Cogwheel IV
2 "Tea Cup Garden" 1:49 "Tea Cup Garden" refers to England. Cogwheel IV
3 "Sunny Spot" 2:02
4 "Brilliant Moon" 2:01 "Brilliant Moon" refers to nobleness.
5 "Night Wind" 1:57
6 "Black or Silver" 2:20 "Black or Silver" refers to the rivalry between Raishin Akabane and Loki. Cogwheel IV
7 "Fuming Low Peak" 1:30
8 "Rainy Moon" 1:29
9 "Good Grief" 1:48
10 "Hidden Tenderness" 2:10
11 "Monologue" 2:33
12 "Nobless Oblige" 2:02
13 "Man Mind Confession" 2:45
14 "Tranquil Night" 2:10
15 "Impermanence" 2:02
16 "Magicienne" 2:08
17 "Critical Wave" 1:52
18 "Spiral" 1:39
19 "Magica" 2:12
20 "Bravery Steps" 3:11
21 "Marginal Combat" 2:01
22 "Treed Dawn" 2:16
23 "Immortals" 2:48
24 "Zugzwang" 1:42
25 "Shoot Out" 1:52

Soundtrack Applied ToEdit

Promotional VideoEdit

No. Name Time Notes
1st "Bravery Steps" 0:01 ~ 1:10
2nd (Yaya ver.) "Magica" 0:01 ~ 0:17
2nd (Charl ver.) "Magica" 0:01 ~ 0:17
2nd (Frey ver.) "Magica" 0:01 ~ 0:17
3rd "Desperation" 0:01 ~ 0:43
Yaya ver. "Tea Cup Garden" Full
Charl ver. "Brilliant Moon" Full
Frey ver. "Nobless Oblige" Full


No. Name Time Notes
1 "Hidden Tenderness" 05:33 ~ 06:55
"Magicienne" 07:32 ~ 09:34
"Tea Cup Garden" 10:00 ~ 10:33
"Fuming Low Peak" 12:13 ~ 13:03
"Critical Wave" 13:15 ~ 14:27
"Bravery Steps" 21:22 ~ 22:04
2 "Critical Wave" 00:06 ~ 00:17
"Critical Wave" 01:59 ~ 03:24
"Spiral" 05:26 ~ 06:12
"Tea Cup Garden" 07:30 ~ 08:04
"Treed Dawn" 10:37 ~ 11:39
"Man Mind Confession" 12:44 ~ 13:15
"Hidden Tenderness" 13:50 ~ 14:31
"Rainy Moon" 16:39 ~ 17:26
"Night Wind" 17:51 ~ 18:53
"Tranquil Night" 19:48 ~ 20:54
"Marginal Combat" 21:40 ~ 22:04


No. Name Time Notes



Composer Masaru Yokoyama (横山(よこやま) (まさる) Yokoyama Masaru?) (except Track 15)
Toku (とく Toku?) (Track 15)
Arranger Masaru Yokoyama (横山(よこやま) (まさる) Yokoyama Masaru?)
Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic Bass


Image GalleryEdit




  1. "Walpurgis R.A.M.A."'s title's abbreviation, R.A.M.A., represents for "Royal Academy of Machinart Anthem", meaning, its soundtrack is the Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart's anthem that was used as the soundtrack of the major events in the Academy; the Walpurgis Night's opening ceremony and the one hundredth anniversary of the construction of the Academy's Clock Tower, and its soundtrack's sound evokes the pride of the Academy, which represents it, that encloses the evocation of a strife, which refers to the Walpurgis Night that the Academy holds, and the mysteriousness and enchantment of magic, which refers to the education the Academy specialises in, which represents the Academy encompassing the Walpurgis Night and the education of magic.
  2. "Tea Cup Garden"'s title refers to the English's tea culture, which refers to England, and its soundtrack's sound evokes the sprightly side and the elegance and majesty of England, which refers to England, that was used as the soundtrack of the Yaya version of the promotional video of the anime series, for its sound evokes sprightliness that is synonymous with Yaya's personality, and of Charlotte Belew's first appearance, for its sound evokes majesty that is synonymous with Charlotte's personality.
  3. "Sunny Spot"
  4. "Brilliant Moon"'s title refers to the brilliant moon's imposing appearance, which represents nobleness, and its soundtrack's sound evokes the sereneness and the pureness of the moon's reflection on the surface of the water that was used as the soundtrack of the Charlotte Belew version of the promotional video of the anime series and of Komurasaki's first appearance.
  5. "Night Wind"
  6. "Black or Silver"'s title refers Black to the colour of the hair of Raishin Akabane; black, which represents Raishin, and Silver, an equivalent colour of the colour, white, to the colour of the hair of Loki; white, which represents Loki, and its conjunction, or, represents an alternative which represents competition; the rivalry between Raishin and Loki, and its soundtrack's sound evokes a competitive yet playful contest, which refers to the comical rivalry between Raishin and Loki, that was used as the soundtrack of Raishin and Loki's first meeting.
  7. "Fuming Low Peak"
  8. "Rainy Moon"
  9. "Good Grief"
  10. "Hidden Tenderness"
  11. "Monologue"
  12. "Nobless Oblige"
  13. "Man Mind Confession"
  14. "Tranquil Night"
  15. "Impermanence"
  16. "Magicienne"
  17. "Critical Wave"
  18. "Spiral"
  19. "Magica"
  20. "Bravery Steps"
  21. "Marginal Combat"
  22. "Treed Dawn"
  23. "Immortals"
  24. "Zugzwang"
  25. "Shoot Out"



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