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The flag of the United Kingdom, the Union Jack.

United Kingdom (英国 Eikoku?), or officially known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (グレートブリテンおよびアイルランド連合王国 Gurēto Buriten oyobi Airurando Rengōōkoku?), is a country located in northwest Europe. It is composed of mainly the islands, Great Britain and Ireland, wherein its capital city is London. United Kingdom's government is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system. It is the foremost industrial and world power.


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was derived from the unification of the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Kingdom of Ireland.


In the 10th century, the Kingdom of England was formed. In 1535 and 1542, England merged with Wales through the Acts of 1535 and 1542. In 1707, England merged with Scotland through the Act of Union of 1707 which formed the Kingdom of Great Britain. After the Irish Rebellion of 1798, Great Britain, fearing that Ireland would declare independence from it and side with France, decided to merge with Ireland, and in 1801, it merged with Ireland through the Act of Union of 1800 which formed the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.





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  • United Kingdom was the first industrialised country in the world.

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