Wiseman (魔王(ワイズマン) Maō (Waizuman)?, lit. "Satan") is the title given by the Mage's Association to the winner of the Night Party. The one who gains the title and holds it will or can obtain privileges that only the title can easily grant a person; one will obtain riches, fame, knowledge, and power, regardless of what one seeks, would receive a reception on par with a general of any military army from any country in the world, and as well as anything or everything else one desires. One is also exempted from the International Charter on Magic Arts and the Code of Ethics, the law all mages must follow, allowing one to read prohibited books, use forbidden arts, and or even perform research on immortality or genetic modification.


The title "Wiseman" might refer to the Three Wise Men, also called the Magi, three kings from the East who are said to have visited Jesus after his birth, bearing gifts, having followed a mystical star which came to be known as the Star of Bethlehem.


Known WisemanEdit

Name Epithet/Registration Code Automaton Period of Winning
Nathan Räikkönen The Crimson Hraesvelg 46th Night Party
Griselda Weston The Labyrinth Epsilon 48th Night Party