Wooden Doll

A wooden doll being controlled by Raishin using Koyoukujin.

Wooden Doll (木偶人形 Deku Ningyō?) is a plain ordinary doll made out of wood, usually made into a human-like form, without any mechanisms and is not installed with a magic circuit. Unlike any other type of puppet, it is not installed with the magic circuit, Eve’s Heart, and does not have any form of autonomy, relying solely on a puppeteer to make it move, making it the trickiest puppet a puppeteer can possibly manipulate. A wooden doll is so difficult to manipulate that a regular puppeteer would not be able to make it stand, and at most, would only be able to make a single limb move at best and that it would even be a tricky feat to pull off even for a person with telepathy or a mountain ascetic who had devoted oneself to rigorous training. The most talented puppeteers are the only ones who could control it, and amongst them, the best ones are the only ones who could manipulate it to the point of being life-like.[1]

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