• “Yaya is cute, Yaya is so cute. Yaya is the cutest in the world. Yaya is so cute, I love Yaya, Yaya is so bewitching, Yaya is my wife-” (夜々(やや)かわいいよ夜々。夜々かわいいよ。世界一かわいいよ。夜々かわいいよ夜々あいしてる夜々みりょくてき夜々は(おれ)の嫁―― Yaya Kawaī yo Yaya. Yaya Kawaī yo. Sekaīchi Kawaī yo. Yaya Kawaī yo Yaya Aishiteru Yaya Miryokuteki Yaya wa Ore no Yome――?)


Quotes about YayaEdit


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