Raishin AkabaneEdit

Yaya's puppeteer. She is ardently in love with Raishin and always makes aggressive advances to him in an effort to seduce him and make him fall in love with her. Yaya easily becomes jealous with the women around him, often addressing or referring to one as Vixen (女狐(めぎつね) Megitsune?), and often deceitfully makes vulgar, perverted remarks about him or on what kind of relationship she has with him to create a misunderstanding and delude them to keep them from making a move on him and to keep further other women from approaching him, and whenever she misunderstands him of being attracted to or liking another woman, easily becomes melancholic, often sulking or weeping, but nevertheless easily recovers back to her usual self, especially by him cheering her up, or jealously irritated, sometimes releasing a violent fury as she physically hurts him. She, if she knows that Raishin was in company of another woman while she was not with him, will aggressively try taking off his pants to check if he had a coitus with another woman. Yaya is always concerned and worried about his well-being. She, if she knows that Raishin does not want do a task, will take the task up and diligently execute it. Yaya becomes elated whenever he praises her. She only wants to be where wherever Raishin is and does not like being separated from him. Yaya is extremely devoted to him and sees him as the only purpose for her existence.


Yaya's elder sister.


Yaya's younger sister.

Shouko KaryuusaiEdit

Yaya's creator.


Yaya is candid with Sigmund whom she confided her afflictions to.


Yaya initially found Kimberly to be a little scary.

Charlotte BelewEdit

Yaya always deludes Charlotte with her vulgar, perverted remarks about Raishin or on what kind of relationship she has with him. She becomes jealous of her whenever Raishin interacts with her.


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